Tips for AHHHHH-mazing Wedding Photos

You’ve booked your vendors, planned your wedding, and you’re SO ready for the big day. You’ve spent hours getting ready and the photographer just showed up to start documenting the best day of your life. You want the photos to reflect all of the love and happiness of these moments and you want to proudly display them around your house for the rest of your life. But you only get one shot at this, so here are some tips to love the final product:

  • 1) Discuss any insecurities with your photographer ahead of time. It’s uncomfortable to call attention to, say, the scar on your left knee from a surgery years ago, or that your arms aren’t as toned as you want them to be. When you look at your wedding photos years later, you want them to reflect all of the good feels, and if your photographer knows in advance what makes you uncomfortable, he or she can help you explore poses that make you feel confident and gorgeous without looking stiff.
  • 2) Major height differences don’t have to make awkward photos. The taller partner can lightly kiss the shorter partner’s forehead, which makes for a sweet shot. Or try some pics sitting down to equalize the height and bring your faces closer together.
  • 3) Mesh with your photographer. One advantage to having an engagement shoot is getting to work with a photographer before the big day. This gives you a great opportunity to see if your personalities jive, as well as figure out if you are comfortable with the way they pose you or direct the shoot. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel like you have a drill sergeant for a photographer, but you may also want someone who is clear with direction.
  • 4) Make a shot list (or use ours here). This can be kind of tedious as you’re actually doing it, but it definitely saves time and stress on your wedding day. Having a list ahead of time makes it easy to figure out who needs to be available for photos (think family portraits), where they need to be, and at what point during the day. If you are doing a first look followed by the wedding party photos, it doesn’t make much sense to have Cousin Judy hanging around. Extra people can be downright distracting both to you and to your photographer, and that added stress can show in your face even when you’re smiling.

BONUS: Here are some hacks for looking your best:

  • Create a little space between your torso and your elbow to avoid your upper arms pressing against your body and “squishing out.”
  • Plan to wear a jacket/shawl/lace sleeves if your arms are a concern for you. You can also use your veil to “splice” your arms, or ask your beloved to lightly place his/her hand on your shoulder, effectively reducing the amount of surface area captured by the camera.
  • Guys: wearing a jacket broadens your shoulders and creates a slimmer looking waistline. Straight-on shots also emphasize the shoulders.
  • Ladies: standing at an angle to the camera can camouflage so many of the typical insecurities, accentuate curves, and lengthen your lines. Be sure to put a slight bend in that front knee to keep a natural feel to your body.
  • Bring your forehead out, lengthening your neck and maintaining your jawline.
  • Lean forward at the hips for a more engaged and interactive look to the photo.

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