Author: Kate Charter

Must-Have Wedding Photos

Most photographers have their own version of this list. But if you’re struggling to figure out who needs to be available for photos, here’s a list we put together to help:

Tips for AHHHHH-mazing Wedding Photos

You’ve booked your vendors, planned your wedding, and you’re SO ready for the big day. You’ve spent hours getting ready and the photographer just showed up to start documenting the best day of your life. You want the photos to reflect all of the love and happiness of these moments and you want to proudly display them around your house for the rest of your life. But you only get one shot at this, so here are some tips to love the final product:

Have A Seat!

Who says your aisle has to be straight? Or have boring garden chairs? Or have chairs at all? Here are some great ideas for unique and memorable ceremony seating!

Gracious Gratuities

So as your wedding day is coming up, you’re having a moment: out of nowhere, one of your vendors dropped the “grat” bomb. What the deuce is this, you ask yourself. “Grat” is short for gratuities, a fancier way of saying “tips.”