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Although this review is a little late, I absolutely wanted to encourage other brides to consider Kate and her services. Kate was professional, but also really fun. Kate was willing to help with every aspect of my wedding and was amazing throughout the planning process. I can’t express enough how nice it was to work with Kate and how much smoother the entire planning process became after hiring her!
Reviewed On 2/28/2019 by Kenzie 

Kate is the wedding coordinator for you! Both my husband and I feel like we met a friend for life. Kate was extremely organized, creative, and gets things done. We hired Kate as our day-of coordinator, and she came in clutch before the rehearsal when the venue events coordinator completely flunked her role in getting things ready. The day of – I didn’t worry about a single thing. Kate was on top of all of the details, she was extremely calm and peaceful when communicating with me, and gave updates as necessary so I knew things were moving along as planned. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT KATE!! If you’re not sure if you need a coordinator – you do. Kate was absolutely the best decision in building our wedding budget and preparing for the big day. –
Reviewed On 10/19/2018 by Jessica 

We are so pleased with the experience we had with coordination co! We absolutely loved working with Kate. She made our wedding day dreams come true! Our day was perfect because of everything she did to bring our visions to life! We would recommend coordination co services to any engaged couple looking to hire a wedding coordinator 🙂 –
Reviewed On 10/16/2018 by Camille

Working with Kate was a dream come true. With Kate, you get a wedding planner, a day of coordinator, and a close friend. In the year that it took to plan our wedding, she was always there, always available via email, phone calls, text, every step of the way, supporting, cheering, and cracking jokes to help lighten the mood of wedding planning. She understood my schedule, traveled every time closer to me to help me out, and was fantastic at giving me options and choices on how to proceed with decision making. Kate was perfect at keeping track of every detail of my wedding. Our wedding day was simply smooth and perfect. She worked wonderfully with all my vendors, coordinating every segment, like a beautiful orchestra. I would choose and recommend Kate a hundred times over. Thank you!
Reviewed On 12/03/2018 by Shabnam

Kate was amazing to have as our “Day of” coordination. I was a pretty hands on bride but wanted to be able to enjoy the day I put all the work into planning. So it was nice to have someone there to make sure our day went smoothly and stayed in a timely matter. She was so nice, even family commented later how good of a job she did. From getting the details in the initial contact, to ensuring all our decorations and gifts ended up in the right car! I do highly recommend her. Thank you Kate for adding to our perfect day and ensuring it ran smoothly, we appreciate everything you did. 🙂
Reviewed On 10/16/2018 by Lauren 

Hired Kate as our Day Of! And thank goodness I did. It was so nice to have someone else to make sure we stayed on schedule, to catch the small details, and to ensure nothing was left behind at the end of the night. I’m such a worrier and try to do everything but was able to relax (for the most part) on our day and just enjoy everything. Highly recommend Kate! Thank you so much for adding to our amazing day. 🙂
Reviewed On 8/26/2018 by Lauren

Hired Kate for Day Of Coordination because I loved planning the details of my wedding and just wanted some help on the special day. Kate wad a godsend on the day of AND before. I wasn’t expecting the level of support she gave me even before my wedding (she called a local Chapel and secured a hold on my wedding date for me). If you’re thinking about booking with Kate, just do it. A couple of days before the wedding, Kate and I had about a 1.5 hour call to go over allllll the details. Even my skeptic mom was impressed by that. 😉 On the wedding day, Kate was difference between perfection and disaster… No exaggeration. My husband decided he didn’t want a first look shoot and wanted to see me coming down the aisle instead. Super sweet, but it made EVERYTHING run late. Having Kate there was the best decision I made during my wedding planning. Sure, everything was late, but she made sure we got everything in. She handled all of our decor set up so no one in the wedding party had to worry about a thing, I told her “make it pretty” and she delivered! She took care everything for me during the reception and only grabbed me when she absolutely needed me. And at the end of the night, I told her my mother in law was freaking out about clean up and she just winked at me and told me not to worry about it. If you work with Kate she will go above and beyond for you on your day and really make it special for you and your new spouse! Thanks Kate!!!!
Reviewed On 8/12/2018 by Maggie

We chose Kate Charter to plan our daughter’s wedding and we are so pleased with her. I learned thru the process just how much the planner does and Kate had her jogging shoes on the day of the Wedding. Excellent job.
Reviewed On 8/06/2018 by knottiec78abae554ba8359

You think you might not want a day of coordinator? Trust me, it is 110% worth it and Kate help make our wedding day absolutely perfect! She arrived early and ready to get the ball rolling. I would mention things I wanted to do or have done and then hours passed and I would say, “oh no Kate…” and she would have already completed whatever task I was remembering. It was nice to have someone who understood the timeline, was constantly checking on you (even to take my sticky bra when it wouldn’t stay on due to heat), and just keep the evening moving. One of my favorite photos of my dad with bridesmaids has Kate in the back doing a pose that screamed “yes that worked out”, I just wish I knew what it was! All my family and bridal party raved about how nice she was and she really kept everything in order. I left my car unlocked at the venue and she was sure to have all our decor and belongings locked in the car before she left. She also sent the sweetest thank you! I plan on recommending her to any bride’s I know! Thanks a bunch Kate!
Reviewed On 7/09/2018 by Casey V

Kate was amazing to work with! She made the wedding planning process easy and as low stress as possible. She was organized, responsive, prepared and very friendly! Our wedding day went off without a single issue and Kate made sure every vendor was communicated to and updated throughout the entire process. Kate had online checklists that were easy to fill out along the way to make the planning easy and efficient. At the end of our wedding and after a very long day, Kate made sure everything was accounted for, organized and made it safely back to our home. I would highly recommend Kate to plan your wedding or event and I am so glad she was part of our wedding!
Reviewed On 6/14/2018 by LeeAnn

Since day ONE Kate of Coordination Co has been literally the most helpful human being in planning my entire wedding. I’m from Michigan, had our destination wedding in Colorado Springs. Planning at that much of a distance was very overwhelming until I talked to Kate! She assured me from day one that she will do anything that I need and she did just that- and more! From finding various amazing vendors out in Colorado to being there for me 24/7 with any questions I had- Kate always put in 100%. She always had everything under control. I love that she uses the Aisle Planner site- so we were both always on the same page, she had contact with all of the vendors I had hired, & the timeline was on the website for both of us to view/update to the big day. Kate is also very creative- which is important to have in a wedding coordinator! She had various ideas & little details to add that I would have never thought of- for example I was skipping out on the decor for the wedding reception, but she had a wonderful idea to decorate & brought her own vases (in many types for me to choose from) to display the girl’s bouquets as centerpieces for dinner & that came out beautifully! There is so much that she has done for our special day that made it THAT much more special & I couldn’t be more thankful. Without Kate this wedding would have been a nightmare. She is VERY well organized, is such a kind person & does her job with the upmost professionalism. Even on the day of the wedding I wanted to change a few things last minute & she did so with ease. Everyone who attended commented on how great & helpful Kate was!
I am so beyond lucky that we found such an awesome wedding coordinator out in Colorado. I can’t say it enough- being an out of state bride made me nervous but Kate put my nerves at ease and our day was absolutely wonderful thanks to her! It was so nice not having to worry about anything on the big day with her being there to take care of it all- Kate is the best!
Reviewed On 5/30/2018 by Christina

From day 1 Kate was my knight in shining armor. The biggest “non fight” my fiancé and I got into during the wedding planning was to hire a coordinator or not. Long story short, after months of debate, I found Kate and life changed 100% for the better. Kate met with us over lunch, dinner, text, phone, email…I talked to her more than I did my own mother and maybe fiancé after that. She made sure our vendors were in sync, our timeline was in check, and our family members and bridal party showed up on point. I work in a detail driven career field and got the same kind of communication and professionalism from Kate that I do from my customers on a daily basis. Grooms, do yourself a favor, hire my new BFF Kate!
Reviewed On 3/07/2018 by Bryan 

Kate was fabulous and I don’t know how we would have gotten through our wedding without her! She was detailed and thorough while being totally relaxed and she just put me at ease! Oh and their prices were amazingly affordable! Nikki · married on 07/15/2017